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Year of the Yin Fire Rooster 2017

We are headed into another new year January 28th, 2017 as the Yin Fire Rooster stands to show his feathers in his usually considerate, mild-mannered, charming kind of way.  Some of us may be in shock or feel tense by the happens of 2016, but the softer yin nature we are about to encounter will smooth things over a bit as we see the repercussion of all the quick decisions made during the monkey year.  The rooster is inspirational and a fearless visionary waking people up with his crow at down because of his strength, bravery, and leadership.  This kind of outlook overseeing the world, will enable us to heal from past actions personally and collectively.

We should all be a little more polite and less stubborn and stick to practical well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures.  Roosters can be territorial; this can be both good and bad.  Countries may engage in dispute especially with a war on words, but roosters know how to take care of their flock suggestive to men even being able to stand up for women’s rights, for instance.  One of the most enduring qualities of the rooster is his honesty, so truths will emerge.  We should just be warned not to engage in any “cockfights;” however, because banding together and fighting for a cause will have power when done politely.

What a year for career and finances!  A rooster generally can be his own accountant as he is punctual and focused on details.  We will all be encouraged to take on that hat, organize our finances, start working on debt, and get those ducks in row for years to come.  This is not the year to let your work slide on the job.  Stay focused and invested on the work in front of you.  It is a time to team build being that roosters generally flock together.  Living well together means also remembering hierarchy as you come together for a common cause.  We will all be tempted to restructure things with a new pecking order.  There will be a heightened sense of intuition and non-verbal communication especially from those who were previously quiet.

Because roosters are quite charismatic, this year is sure to be a romantic one.  Especially because we are blessed with the fire element, we will come across a lot of tempting flirts. Just stay alert and don’t be fooled by charm for being the real deal.  Those in relationships will feel that romanticism and want to get married and those married may feel the urge to have a baby.

We will be quite consumed by our health and our looks this year wanting to dress to impress.  A very good year for businesses that involve design, art, and fashion.  People will want to entertain in the home so businesses spilling over into real estate and home decor will also do splendidly.

The other side of the coin to looking good is feeling good.  This is definitely a year to get that gym membership, eat clean healthy foods, do your doctor check ups, and pay extra special attention to the root of your health concerns finding doctors and alternative healthcare practitioners that will help you discover any underlining issues.  We will all have a dose of exhaustion to recover from because of fire monkey 2016.

You’ll want to engage with regular healthy routines.  Set your day up right with a morning ritual so your health takes priority.  This enables a natural flow for you being able to be better balanced financially and show up for work ready to excel.

Generally speaking people will want to gather with family or like-minded individuals looking to more passive forms of social fun and play.  It will be easy to be enthralled and enthusiastic during little moments of happiness.  Someone once said that Yin Fire is like a small bundle of flowers hiding in the woods waiting to be enjoyed.  Lift up your spirits by finding those precious hidden beauties and celebrating those that you find with others.  There is no better time to be friendly even to a stranger, for that warm-heartedness is ultimately what drives the rooster to crow to a fresh new morning.