Mission & Philosophy

With our compassionate approach to healthcare, we want you to become a revitalized version of you. We strive to hold your health challenges with awareness on how they may be impacting your life on all levels.

Difficulties in the mind and body are signals for needed change. Understanding a whole picture is where we come into play, detecting even subtitles one can work with to find lasting resolution from what holds you back from optimal wellness.  We treat the individual we see and not a disease.

The wisdom of Chinese medicine lies in how we provide the signals for the body to do its own self-healing, which for some may seem like magic, but is truly rooted in science.  We see acupuncture as an accelerated tool for breaking a physiological habit that would otherwise be hard for our bodies to find on its own.  Its a mechanism to alleviate suffering in the fast-passed stressed-out world we have all been accustomed to.

People who receive acupuncture at our clinic report feeling stronger, clearer, healthier, pain-free, more rested, and even more content, besides having their major health complaints resolve.

This kind of result with the medicine can be attained when a thorough investigation and diagnosis is determined, which is why I use what I believe is one of the most comprehensive affirming methods out there: a palpation based form of acupuncture from my teacher Kiiko Matsumoto.  You can read more about it here.


The Heart and Soul of Rebecca's Work

Watch this interview by Dr. Barry Rose to hear how Rebecca helps people with Chinese Medicine. She shares about her background and how integrative healthcare has been an inspiration for her practice. 

Learn more about Dr. Barry Rose and his work around compassionate healthcare here


Meet The Clinic Team


Rebecca Fettig LAc. Dipl. OM.


rebecca's story

Rebecca's main wish is to help others hold their difficulties with ease and aid them in finding more body awareness and longevity of life.  She is passionate about finding the root cause of a health concern and also takes into consideration the emotional well-being of all her patients.  Educating others and helping them find a healing path is her primary goal at Golden Point Acupuncture founded in 2010.

With 20 years of experience in western and eastern medicine, Rebecca brings an integrative approach to health and healing.  She has a background as a healthcare consultant and a degree in medical microbiology and immunology along with a masters in traditional Chinese medicine.  She studied both in San Francisco at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhejiang Medical University Hang Zhou, China.  She holds both a California state license and national license to practice acupuncture.  She currently practices the Kiiko Matsumoto method, the primary acupuncture style taught at Harved Medical school.

Over her lifetime she has acquired a vast understanding of meditation practices and somatic tools through 3 decades of performance and study in dance, qi gong, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, and meditation. She guides and teaches meditation for gatherings at the clinic. Her personal life intentions have become the backbone of compassionate care she strives to impact our healthcare system with every day.







Amber discovered Chinese medicine while experiencing health problems of her own. Though doctors said nothing was amiss, she knew that something was very much out of balance. Her very first acupuncture treatment reconnected her with an inner peace that she had almost forgotten, and convinced her that there were systems of healing that could support the body-soul-mind at a much more subtle level.

A native of the Bay Area, Amber first studied shiatsu, tui na, and taoist philosophy at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, and earned her massage certificate there. She then earned her Master’s at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. After graduating, Amber interned and later worked with Dr. Ping Qi Kang, creator of Asia Natural Herbs.

Amber has been practicing Chinese medicine since 2006 and utilizes the Kiiko Matsumoto method, Her passion is working with patients to help them rediscover their own equilibrium.



nikkirose blanco



nikki’s story

Nikki is our newest addition to the Golden Point Acupuncture team! She is managing all of our front office operations and is happy to provide a warm welcoming presence in your healing environment. She first found her passion for holistic wellness when she became a mother, which has ultimately nurtured her growth in all aspects of life. Nikki is now embarking on a journey to find her own path in the world of alternative health care. We are grateful to have her here to tend to our patients and to make sure the flow of our clinic runs smoothly.


How Golden Point Acupuncture

got it's Name:

A mathematical golden ratio has been found in human form, nature and art alluding to the perfect make-up of beauty present in all forms and structures.  It was a ratio found to be present in the arrangement of stems and branches of plants, skeletons of animals, and phenomenal architecture such as the Great Pyramids.

This ratio was applied to the body by many famous artists and doctors of the past, one of whom was a teacher of mine from China.  During the course of my studies, he expressed the importance of using points on the body that matched the areas of intersection of the golden ratio 1.618 . . . .

Golden light has been a powerful source of imagery for my studies with qi gong.

This ancient practice focuses on qi, or vital energy, that circulates in the human body.  Its foundation is rooted in meditation and martial arts practices that can improve health, resolve illness, and overcome stress.  Often visual concepts of light, sound, and other imagery have been used during these practices.  Golden light is one that is considered grounding and closely related to the color of the earth element, yellow.  This color is enriching for the spleen and stomach, two important organs for digestion in Chinese medicine perspectives.  It is also the nourishing color for the feeling of worry, the emotion that can arise when the spleen is out of balance.


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