"I've had acupuncture in the past but nothing ever as effective as that experienced under Rebecca's stewardship!  I came in with chronic neck pain that I thought I'd have to endure forever. Within a few sessions the pain cleared completely! It's remained so for months afterwards and I feel better now than I ever have.

Rebecca has also been able to help me addressing anxiety and sleep issues. I now sleep better, have more energy and have been able to cut caffeine out of my diet which I never would have thought possible given my prior condition! All in all, definitely one of the best investments in myself I have made to date." ~H.

"Struggling with auto immune issues, I appreciate Rebecca's' deep knowledge and training in the immune system.  She is very serious and grounded in her work,  as she mysteriously converses with the deep layers of the body's systems.  My digestive system after years has found some balance and I continue to benefit from her commitment to my overall health." ~N.

"Agree with all the other 5-star reviews, and would like to add that Rebecca is also a gifted diagnostician. 

For years I complained to my other healthcare professionals about an odd assortment of symptoms, from weight gain to crushing fatigue. A battery of tests ruled out a thyroid problem, and I rejected the "in your head" theory. I finally wised up and went to Rebecca, who discovered adrenal fatigue. A few months of dedicated treatment, and I am a different person. I consider this nothing short of a miracle and only wish I had sought her help sooner.

This is just one example of her excellent skills and care. I also went to her before and after surgery a couple of years ago, and her treatments contributed significantly to my recovery.

She is the best!" ~K.

"After years of frustration with trying to treat IBS following recommendations from my doctor, I decided to see if acupuncture would help. I am so glad that I found Rebecca. She is a true healer. I came to her depressed, frustrated, and feeling hopeless about my condition. After the very first treatment, my mood improved, my gut improved, and within a week I lost 5 pounds. She took a very thorough history and asked detailed questions that made me think more about the specifics of how I was feeling. She also explained how she was planning to treat me. 

Her treatment consists of traditional acupuncture, after which I always feel wonderful. She also prescribes Chinese herbs specifically compounded for you, which complement the acupuncture. In addition, she offers individual QiGong lessons, specifically designed for you. I have only been seeing her for 8 weeks now, and I feel like my life has turned around. I feel better, look better, and have lots more energy. I would highly recommend her." ~B.

"Your search for an acupuncturist stops here!  Rebecca Fettig has been amazing to work with.  She has extensive knowledge of the body and deep, passionate roots for helping her patients get to optimal health through acupuncture that dates back thousands of years.  Way before conventional medicine!  I see her once a week and feel like a new woman every time.  I played collegiate soccer and wanted to continue playing competitively in the Bay Area, however my patellar tendonitis wouldn't allow me to, and to the level I wanted.  I've seen specialists whose only solution was to treat the "symptoms" of muscle tightness, inflammation, and pain, however Rebecca was able to find the ROOT of my tendonitis.  I can proudly say, I'm halfway through my soccer season with no pain and no knee brace!!!  

Furthermore, I've had allergy/ food issues, and the occasional cold.   Now allergies are gone, and colds don't last more than a day after I see her.  Along with a stronger immune system, and knees I can run on for 90 minutes with no pain....I highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Rebecca Fettig.  She's the best!" ~J

"Rebecca is really a gem in the world of medicine. I've been seeing her weekly for about six months, for muscle tension, tendonitis, and women's health. Every treatment leaves me feeling simultaneously energized and relaxed & we've regulated my cycle (which was no small accomplishment!)

She is intuitive, practical, nurturing, empowering, analytical, and open-minded. She has a grounded understanding of alopathic (western) medicine that informs her work as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, and allows her to explain conditions and treatments in ways that are easy to understand. 

I have many years of experience with "alternative" health modalities, and I'm incredibly particular about who I trust with my health and my body... and I recommend Rebecca to everyone I know! She is amazing!!" ~K.

"Rebecca was simply great! I had hyperthyroidism and my endocrinologist insisted that I should either continue on anti-thyroid medication for the rest of my life or get my thyroid gland destroyed using radioactive iodine. I decided to stop the medication and pursue alternative medicine. Rebecca had the highest reviews on yelp so I decided to go pay her a visit and discuss my condition with her. In addition, autoimmune disease was her specialty. I am glad to say that after three months of therapy I am now cured from Graves' disease. My thyroid function tests for the past two months have been completely normal. I have been a skeptic of alternative medicine given that I grew up in a family of physicians, and my husband himself is a physician. I have to admit that I'm now a strong believer in Chinese medicine, especially acupuncture. I think Rebecca and her welcoming, reassuring, full of hope approach had to do a lot with my highly positive experience with my therapy. Thank you Rebecca! I highly recommend Golden Point Acupuncture for anyone seeking alternative medicine, especially for autoimmune conditions." ~M

"Rebecca is the very best! I was never truly a believer in acupuncture until I started seeing Rebecca. She has helped me heal from a variety of issues in an all natural way. Especially with allergies, sinus headaches, sleep issues and my bad back. I am always amazed at how well the treatments work and how much better I feel. I have also recommended her to many friends, and they all love the work she does.....she is truly amazing!" ~A.