Ready to Schedule your First Visit? 

ATTENTION NEW PATIENTS: Amber Bryan is currently accepting new patients.

Rebecca Fettig will not be able to accept any new patients until July 30th.


Treatment Time

The initial visit will take an hour and half to an hour and 40 minutes, which will include a detailed review of patient history, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and post discussion of treatment protocol if additional visits are necessary.

Follow-up visits will take about 60-75 minutes, which will include patient review and treatment.

What to Expect

Pre-treatment: Please make sure you have eaten at least 3 hours before treatment so you do not arrive hungry and wear loose clothing so your knees and elbows can be accessed during the session.

During Treatment: Most people feel a deep since of relaxation and may even fall asleep.

Post-Treatment: The relaxing effect may continue for some time. A higher intake of water and rest is encouraged; therefore, please avoid any rigorous activity for 2-3 hours afterwards.