We offer a personalized treatment plan that could include any of the following and other health recommendations. 

Herbal Medicine                                           
Direct Moxibustion      
Qi Gong & Meditation                                                     
Polychromatic Light & Sound Frequency Therapy

Other Chinese Medicine Modalities
Gua Sha



Acupuncture is the practice of restoring the body to its natural balanced state by the use of very fine, safe, disposable needles. It can reduce inflammation, increase circulation, aid in pain relief, and normalize physiological functions. There are hundreds of points on the body that are used to facilitate the flow of Qi, the body’s vital life energy force, which flows in the formation of meridian systems. By tapping into these meridians, acupuncture can help the body naturally find it’s way to healing itself.

Rebecca Fettig L.Ac.’s acupuncture methods come from Kiiko Matsumoto’s style, a palpation based acupuncture.  Read more about it here.




Chinese herbal medicine has been used by Chinese physicians for thousands of years and continues to evolve today. Custom herbal formulas are prescribed to help with a wide range of aliments. In conjunction with acupuncture, the two therapies complement each other to offer a faster and more comprehensive method of treatment. They are safe and offer little to no side effects compared to western pharmaceuticals. Rebecca Fettig L.Ac is highly trained in herb/drug interactions and contraindications. Herbs can be taken as pills, tinctures, powder added to hot water, or in the form of a liquid decoction made with raw dried combinations of herbs. The optimal medicines will be discussed and tailored for each individual patient.




Moxibustion is another method of stimulating acupuncture points that uses heat and a traditional Chinese herb called ai ye. This warming herb is held over points to promote qi and blood circulation while accomplishing the healing properties of the chosen points. It often can be quite relaxing and nourishing for the patient.

Koshiishi Style Moxibustion is a style of Japanese direct moxibustion developed by Koshiishi sensei who still lives and practices in Tokyo.  It is famous for not only its calming effect, but it’s clinical efficacy.  In a lot of cases, the heating of the herb on a point could be considered stronger than the metal of an acupuncture needle.

With this method, the heat is controlled very carefully to prevent any burning.  Most patients report how “good it feels”, making the body seem light especially where there was once pain or congestion.

This method treats the majority of the same things that acupuncture can. A lot of what I have been using it so far to work with has been pain, fertility, pregnancy, severe skin reactions- such as eczema and psoriasis, digestion, stress, insomnia, neuropathy, and scar tissue.

The history of moxibustion is quite interesting in that some would believe that it predates acupuncture, well over 2000 years old in Northern Asia.  It was incorporated into Buddhist medicine as the means of how it was first introduced to Japan in the 6th century.


Polychromatic Light and sound frequency therapy


Polychromatic light and frequency therapy is an alternative approach to health restoration. It is proven to reverse the negative side effects of one’s environment and return the body to its natural state.

During light and frequency therapy, our body and mind absorbs healthy vibrations of light and frequency to bring us back to optimal performance. LED wavelengths and frequencies are used to stimulate healthy cellular response and provide pain relief, inflammation reduction, increased circulation, anti-aging effects, collagen production, increased oxygenation, and improved mood and sleep patterns.  Light and frequency therapy is a gentle restorative way to heal your physical body from injury, neuropathy, and skin conditions.

Golden Point Acupuncture is pioneering the InLight Wellness System  in the Bay Area. The effects of acupuncture are enhanced when experienced with light and frequency therapy.  People in treatment often say they feel “completely relaxed” during the therapy and sometimes fall into a deep sleep. It is a drug-free, completely painless, and non-intrusive way to restore regain a healthier, happier, and symptom-free life. 

Read more about these amazing new therapies here.


qi gong & meditation


Qi gong is a movement based meditation for health preservation in body, mind, and spirit. It incorporates posture, breath, and visualizations with intention to calm the mind and restore health.It has been known to increase blood circulation, enhance the immune system, expand lung capacity, increase bone density, and assist with healing in any chosen organ and channel system.

Rebecca Fettig L.Ac. provides private lessons to her patients after a Chinese medical diagnosis has been given. Learning qi gong is a great way to cultivate energy, compliment acupuncture treatments, and embark on a path of self-healing that can be practiced anytime anywhere.

Common reasons people choose to learn qi gong are for stress reduction, improvements in sleep, digestion, breathing, vision, memory, concentration, cardiovascular health, or to simply begin on a path of meditation that nourishes the body.

For Qi Gong demonstrations and exercises, please visit Rebecca's video blog here.

Heart Core Meditation Gatherings

Rebecca hosts FREE monthly meditation gatherings the first Tuesdays of every month at 7:45 p.m. These are for anyone interesting in incorporating a mediation practice into their daily lives.  Meditating with others is so much more effective and supportive to building this healthy habit of mind and heart.  Rebecca will guide those present in a meditation practice that draws from Buddhist philosophy mindfulness, compassion, and metta or loving kindness.  Tea, dharma and meditation discussion follows the sit. 


Other TCM Modalities




Dietary considerations are used during a course of treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) looks at the individual when diagnosing a patient’s condition; therefore, nutrition is tailored to meet the needs of each patient. A balanced diet in TCM is different than a western nutrition approach. All five tastes, sweet, bitter, salty, sour, and spicy as well as temperature and fluid regulating properties of food are all considered part of a patient’s healing process.


Cups are placed over the body suctioning tissue to release muscle tension and pain while promoting healing properties of the chosen points. Also, cups are often used for cold and flu complications. The process can feel like a deep tissue massage.

Gua Sha

A piece of jade or dull-edged spoon is rubbed repeatedly over the surface of the skin to relieve muscle tension as well as facilitate the healing properties of the chosen acupuncture points. It is commonly used for neck and back tension as well as upper respiratory congestion.