Reconnect with yourself and heal persistent mental, physical, and emotional health concerns.

Whatever your chronic pain, injury, immune condition, or stress pattern may be, we investigate what is really going on with our highly unique style of palpation based acupuncture.

  • We provide whole body treatments, herbal medicine, nutrition, and more.

  • We seek to create a path for you to manage the toxic overload of city life and feel at your best.

  • We empower you to thrive with healthy lifestyle choices special for your body.


Compassionate Care


Serving the Bay Area in the Heart of San Francisco

We strive to hold your health challenges with awareness on how they may be impacting your life on all levels.  Difficulties in the mind and body are signals for needed change. Understanding a whole picture is where we come into play, detecting even subtitles one can work with to find lasting resolution from what holds you back from optimal wellness.


ATTENTION NEW PATIENTS: Amber Bryan is currently accepting new patients.

Rebecca Fettig will not be able to accept any new patients until July 30th.

Heart Core Meditation Gatherings

Join us for an evening of guided meditation, tea and discussion.  All are welcome!  Mediating in groups is known to be much more effective and supportive for developing this healthy habit.  Rebecca Fettig L.Ac. draws from Buddhist philosphy, mindfulness practices, compassion, and metta or loving kindness. The next meditation series will be announced soon.


Meet Rebecca


With nearly 20 years of experience in western and eastern medicine, Rebecca brings an integrative approach to health and healing.


Conscious based blog for our bodies, minds, and our community. Influenced by Chinese Medicine, Buddhist & Taoist Philosophy.


Videos by Rebecca, covering topics for Qi Gong, mindfulness, acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, nutrition, meditation, and holistic health. 


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